Creating a vibrant neighbourhood

Greenhill Park presents an ideal location for a high quality, well-designed and vibrant neighbourhood centre, with strong connections between community, location and architecture.

Meaningful, smart design that addresses the social, environmental and cultural opportunities, enables positive exchanges between the community and architecture. Greenhill Park has been designed to invoke a sense of organic growth and individuality in design that engages with the community, making an attractive and desirable centre for this suburb, and the wider Hamilton.

Estimated Project Timeline

2024/2025 - Resource and Building Consenting

2025/26 - Work starts on Stage 1 (site works, Childcare Centre, Supermarket, Bar/Restaurant), expected to be completed late 2026

2026/27 - Work starts on Stage 2 (Retail block 1, Medical Centre/Pharmacy), expected to be completed late 2027

2027/28 - Work starts on Stage 3 (Retail blocks 2 and 3), expected to be completed late 2028


Material, Spaces and Community

Materiality: High quality materials and design thinking has been at the forefront in the creation of a neighbourhood centre with a strong sense of individuality. Each building has unique detailing while maintaining a common palette throughout the scope.

Un-programmed spaces: Alley ways and foot paths have been used to activate the Greenhill Park neighbourhood centre. Through soft and hard landscaping with intentional places to rest, these well-considered spaces guide the public towards and through the heart of the centre.

Community: Each new project is an opportunity to bring together the community to produce the highest quality outcome. A way to create a desirable centre to enhance the overall scope of the Greenhill development. At the foundation, architecture is a collaborative design process between people and place.


We’ve thoughtfully planned Greenhill Park to be a little bit different from other suburbs

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Has the development commenced?

Construction of Greenhill Park is well underway, with over 600 sections already completed. You can purchase your section direct from Greenhill Park or contact our building partners for house and land packages.


What are the building restrictions?

Greenhill Park is a thoughtfully designed neighbourhood. Our residents enjoy peace of mind, knowing that building standards will remain high across a wide variety of home styles. View our design guidelines or contact us to request further details.


When can I buy?

The next stages will be available soon. Register your interest by joining our mailing list and be the first to know about new sections for sale.


Can we use our own builder?

Yes, you can choose your own builder when you buy a section at Greenhill Park. They will be required to follow the design guidelines.


What about utilities?

Power, water, wastewater and gas connections are available to each section and Greenhill Park's advanced stormwater system has been carefully designed with the environment in mind.


Is fibre optic internet available?

Yes, Greenhill Park has fibre optic cabling available to each section, so residents can enjoy ultra-fast, reliable broadband.

Register your interest

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