Medium Density Development in Greenhill Park

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As cities grow and change, so to does our need for a different way of living and housing.

Greenhill Park is Hamilton’s first Medium Density Zone housing development, with most of the section sizes between 300 sqm and 500sqm.  With its attention to detail, and its close access to high amenities, Greenhill Park is quickly becoming an extremely popular suburb with new home owners, families and people downsizing.

Building on a range of property sizes attracts a diverse community of people, and within our medium density housing development here in Greenhill Park , a number of different types of dwellings are currently being built.

Stand-alone housing

Key features:

  • smaller lot sizes
  • not attached to other dwellings but close to neighbouring buildings
  • one, two or three storeys in height
  • can be part of a larger master planned development

Semi-detached or duplex dwellings

Key features:

  • two side-by-side dwellings contained within one building
  • one dwelling is usually the mirror image of its partner
  • two or three storeys in height.

Terraced or row housing

Key features:

  • row of identical or very similar attached dwellings that are joined on one or both sides of other houses
  • the ‘end terrace’ house can be different to the rest of the terrace
  • sometimes can be joined by garages between houses and can either be built into the terrace and accessed from the front or can be accessed by a rear laneway
  • two or three storeys in height.

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